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Meet our team

Our Team: Welcome
Smiling Man with Glasses

Jamie Christian

Founder and Executive Director

Jamie started Lettuce Turnip the Beet as a small gardening program in schools. She has built a small empire of entities on the entire premise of helping people to live better lives in a more mindful and sustainable way. From gardening to outreach to education, she is always trying to make more connections to help people build better lives and communities,

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Aiton Goldman

Board Member

Aiton Goldman, aka Alton Coldman, has sworn revenge against his mortal enemies by doing good in the world. Yea, they hate it when he does good because they are douches - there is a reason they made his mortal enemy list!

Happy Young Man

Erin Ward


Erin is really just a sucker for a good cause and found one in LTBSC. She loves to get out in the community and meet people, yet also stay home and snuggle with her animals.

Our Team: Team
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